“ENIGMA IN LUOGO DI MARE” Parte 2 -By Fruttero-Lucentini - meets once a week- 12 weeks  

The action takes place in the Maremma of Grosseto called "La Gualdana"
The owners of the luxury villas in this village, come for Christmas vacation.
The disappearance of a couple and the discovery of a man's body on the shore, ruin the peace of the vacationers.
Maresciallo Aurelio Butti has to unravel a very complicated case.
Students will read the book and comment about it in class.

Sun. 9:30 AM-Noon; Instructor: Marisa Darvish - Tuition: $ 350 starts Jan. 22 – April 09

“BUCHI NELLA SABBIA” by Marco Malvaldi - meets once a week- 12 weeks  

 The author of Buchi nella sabbia, Marco Malvaldi, was born in Pisa in 1974.
 The setting for the novel is 1901, a time of various assassination attempts (King Umberto has just been killed). At the Teatro Nuovo in Pisa, a city known for its anarchists, they await the new king for a performance of Puccini’s opera Tosca. The authorities are anxious and the officers of the law are so paranoid that they even suspect the great composer himself of being an internationalist.
 In this novel, the author is able to present a crime story with shades of comedy, melancholy and satire which lead to an accurate depiction of the time period.

Sun. 9:30 AM-Noon; Instructor: Liliana Lanzano - Tuition: $ 350 starts Jan. 08 – April 09

“NUMERO ZERO” by Umberto Eco - meets once a week- 12 weeks 

In 1992 in Milan, six journalists were hired to create a new newspaper and were to be devoted to finding the truth.
In order to compose their first issue (“numero zero”) they looked into the past and found attempts at coup d’etats, poisonings, conspiracies, political manipulations ecc.
Fifty years of inexplicable events looked invented until a BBC Broadcast proved that they were in fact true.
Students will read and discuss the book and do research on the social and political facts of after WWII, such as Gladio, Loggia P2, Pope Luciani’s death, the Borghese coup d’etat ecc.

Tues. 6:30 –9:00 PM; Instructor: Marisa Darvish - Tuition: $ 350 starts Jan. 17 – April. 04 

“CRISTO SI E’ FERMATO A EBOLI” by Carlo Levi – meets once a week – 12 weeks
The focus of this course will be the 1945 classic by Carlo Levi about
his internal exile in Basilicata because of his political activism. This
intermediate course will be conducted in Italian.
 Students will be expected to present specific sections of the text and lead discussions.
They will also write in journals on topics related to the text, and share their writing in class. 
Grammar will be handled as it emerges from the reading. The final class meeting
will include a viewing of the 1979 Francesco Rosi film based on the book. 

Tues. 6:30 –9:00 PM; Instructor: Ceil Lucas - Tuition: $ 350 starts Jan. 10 – Mar. 28

Aspects of Contemporary Italian Literature & Culture- NEW

The aim of this course is to maintain and improve reading ability, and to retain and expand vocabulary, for students who have lived in Italy and/or possess an advanced level of Italian.
The course will introduce students to Italian prose through the reading of passages from an anthology of well-known Italian writers. Readings will be followed by discussion and conversation. Class discussion will include both a linguistic and grammatical approach.

Mon. 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM.; Instructor: Antonella Longoni - Tuition: $ 350 
starts Jan. 10 – Mar. 28  
Course book: Raccontare il Novecento; Author: P. Brogini, A. Filippone., A. Muzzi– Edilingua.

Each semester is a new, fascinating course! From italian movie classics to literary classics, to the study of characters that have made Italy what it is today, Casa Italiana's teachers will show you another side of the "Bel Paese".



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