What better way to understand the italian culture than through its many cultural and artistics expressions? Let Casa Italiana guide you through the wonders of art, culture, food and wine "Italian Style"!
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Cooking and Classes 
Celebration of the Regional Foods of Italy. Learn from local Italian chefs how to cook everything from appetizers to desserts, or to order coffee in an Italian cafè and how to make your own pasta. 
Prerequisite: Good appetite and sense of humor. Classes are nutritious and fun filled, ideal for home cooking or for entertaining friends.  

Contemporary Italy
This course is designed for students who have completed the Advanced 4 course (or equivalent) and wish to acquire greater fluency, while learning about culture and life in modern Italy.
Art & Culture 
For students with a high proficiency in Italian (these courses have a Conversation 2 pre-requisite). 

Introduction to the art of Italian ceramics. The aesthetic and technical aspects of the ceramic process and a survey of the three most important Italian schools are presented. 
Focusing on what's important to travel well.
Every semester a new book.
Learn the art of making and decorating.