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ADVANCED 1 – meets once a week- 12 weeks   

Through in-depth study of grammatical and conversational structures, the students will refine their knowledge of Italian fundamental and idiomatic expressions.

Sec 1 Sun 9:30 Am– 12:00 Pm; Instructor Federica Petracci - Tuition: $ 350  
 starts Jan. 15– April 09 

Course books: Piazza Italia 1; Author Consonno S. – Rosin E.
  Nuova Grammatica Praticata della Lingua Italiana; Author Nocchi S. – Alma Edizioni

ADVANCED REVIEW –  ENRICO MATTEI - meets once a week- 12 weeks   

​The course is designed for students who have completed the Advanced courses and want to keep practicing their reading comprehension, expand their vocabulary, brush up their grammar and acquire better fluency. Students will read the biography of the Italian public administrator Enrico Mattei, who mysteriously died in a plane crash after stepping on the toes of many powerful oil companies. The book will be the starting point for group conversation, grammar review and compositions. Short clips from the Italian television movie will be used to improve aural comprehension.

Course book: Enrico Mattei - L’uomo del futuro che inventò la rinascita italiana: Author: B. Li Vigni - Editori Riuniti; Available at  and Amazon.comand

Workbook: Elettra Ercolino, T. Anna Pellegrino, “L’utile e il dilettevole. Esercizi e regole per comunicare. Volume 2 (livelli B2 – C2)” – Loescher 
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​Sec. 1 Tues. 6:30 – 9:00 PM; Federica Paparelli - Tuition: $ 350  
starts Jan. 10 – Mar. 28

DEEP INTO ITALIAN 2 – meets once a week- 12 weeks  

The course is intended for those who have completed Deep Into Italian 1 and wish to maintain and improve their proficiency. Students will study more complex grammar structures, advanced vocabulary and Italian collocations, to learn how to use the language like a native speaker. Authentic material will be used to practice their aural and reading comprehension.

Course book: Nuovo Qui Italia Piu’; Author: Mazzetti A., Manili P., Bagianti M.R. – LE MONNIER.

Wed. 6:30 – 9:00 PM; Instructor: Federica Paparelli - Tuition: $ 350
 starts Jan.11 – Mar. 29

DEEP INTO ITALIAN REVIEW – meets once a week- 12 weeks  

The course, taught entirely in Italian, is designed for post-advanced students who have reached a high level of proficiency and would like to further expand their knowledge of the language. Emphasis will be placed on specialized points of grammar, advanced vocabulary study and theme-based class discussions, in order to strengthen fluency and communication skills. Students will practice their aural comprehension through authentic videos and recordings.

​Thurs. 6:30 – 9:00 PM; Instructor: Federica Paparelli - Tuition: $ 350
  starts Jan. 12 – Mar. 30

Course book: Nuovo Magari B2 & Nuovo Magari C1/C2 Author: A. De Giulli, C. Guastalla, C. Massimo Naddeo – Alma Edizioni
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